Theatrical perfomance – “Wow Grandma”

The Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia, in coordination with our municipality, organized a charity show with the volunteers and you the of PHV1 whose energy and enthusiasm achieved something that had not been in our city in a while.


Wife: Stefan Kushevski
Mite: Petar Nasteski
Bobi: Dean Kitanoski
Melanie: Donatella Veljanoska
Katerina: Eugenia Nasteska
Valeri: Iskra Nasteska
Irena: Eugenia Krsteska
Monica: Simona Sterijoska
Mother: Katerina Spiroska
Mather: Weisel Weiseloski
Gegi: Sasha Cvetanoski
Brutus: Igor Nasteski
Dance instructor: Ana Maria Mickovska
Priest: Hristijan Slavkovski

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